Universal Humanoid Robot

Detalles del producto

  • Key dimensions: (1560+200) mm*570mm*220mm; (body height 1.56 meters; head height 0.2 meters. Total height approximately 1.76 meters; body width: 0.57 meters; body thickness: 0.22 meters)
  • Thigh length: 400mm; calf length: 400mm
  • Big arm length: 338mm; small arm length: 338mm;
  • Single leg degree of freedom: hip joint*3+knee joint*1+ankle joint*1=5; 5.
  • Single arm degrees of freedom: 4 (expandable);
  • Machine weight: about 47kg;
  • The ultimate torque of the joint unit: the knee joint is about 360N.m, the hip joint is about 220N.m, the ankle joint is about 45N.m, and the arm joint is about 75N.m;
  • Walking speed: more than 1.5m/s (potential movement capacity 5m/s);
  • Battery: capacity 15Ah (0.864KWh), maximum voltage 67.2V;
  • Control and perception computing power: 2*Intel Core i7-1265U;
  • Perception sensor configuration: 3D lidar + depth camera;
  • Standard dual batteries, standard dual fast chargers