IP68 Industrial Level Inspection Robot

Detalles del producto

  • Weight (With Battery): 60Kg
  • Length*Width*Height 1.098*0.45*0.645M
  • Protection level of the whole machine : IP67
  • Battery life : 4-6h
  • Maximum walking load : 40KG
  • Maximum standing load : 120KG
  • Height of stairs: more than 40cm
  • Climbing angle: more than 45°
  • Built-In 5 Sets Of Binocular Depth Smart Camera, 3 sets of hypersonic sensor
  • Built-In Wireless Vector Positioning System
  • Foot Ends Are Equipped Force Sensor, Providing Foot-End Force Sensor Feedback Interface.(used for secondary development)
  • The maximum instantaneous torque of the knee joint is 360N.m
  • 4G wireless network communication, GNSS acquisition (GPS, Beidou, etc.), over-the-horizon communication

(3D Lidar)RS-Lidar-16
Provide navigation planning, dynamic obstacle avoidance, autonomous positioning, map construction and other functions. All source code are completely opened which means the user can obtain all source code of Lidar navigation program reservation.(but some documents are Chinese)